Saturday, 18 July 2009

dr who of the day

new companion has a name ! amy (hilight to reveal)

Friday, 17 July 2009

who stolen earth

pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4
pt. 5

journeys end coming soon ;)

dr who stolen earth

pt. 1

funny who

funny who on you tube !

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from when teddybearsattack

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episode guide

series 1 episode 1 : rose

the doctor ; christopher ecclestone

rose : billie piper

When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, her life will never be the same again. Soon she realises that the whole of planet Earth is in danger.

New Faces
The Doctors remarks about his appearance as he looks into the mirror in Rose's flat, suggest his regeneration was a very recent one. However, this is the first and only time in which the circumstances of the Doctor's regeneration at the start of a series remain unexplained.

doctor who of the day

david tennants first episode was the christmas invasion which features ths sycorax !

Thursday, 16 July 2009

doctor who filming report

warning may contain spoilers !

A young, naive Rose walks with Jackie through the Powell Estate. Its decorated with Christmas lights, graffiti, and the ground is covered in snow. From their expressions, it almost looks as if they're having a bit of a tiff... While this is happening, the Doctor is standing around the corner. The TARDIS is further down the street but not near him at this time. He leans against the wall and seems momentarily convulsed with pain, staggering just as Rose walks past. Rose: Are you alright, mate? Doctor: What year is it? Rose: 2005 Doctor: You know what? I bet your going to have a really great year. And then I'm assuming that after this interchange Rose walks on, obviously having no idea who this man is since she hasn't even met the 9th Doctor yet... and our Doctor... well, he has exciting encounters :)

Little-known actress Karen Gillan has been unveiled as the next assistant in Doctor Who. The 21-year-old will star alongside new Time Lord Matt Smith in the new series, to be broadcast next year.
Gillan has already appeared in the drama, having played a Soothsayer in The Fires Of Pompeii in the last run.
"I am absolutely over the moon at being chosen to play the Doctor's new companion. - I just can't wait to get started," she said. "The show is such a massive phenomenon that I can't quite believe I am going to be a part of it. Matt Smith is an incredible actor and it is going to be so much fun to act alongside him."

david tennant is to star in sja this autum and sarah jane is supposed to be getting married !

doctor who of the day

the doctor has allways refered to the tardis as a girl


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