Thursday, 16 July 2009

doctor who filming report

warning may contain spoilers !

A young, naive Rose walks with Jackie through the Powell Estate. Its decorated with Christmas lights, graffiti, and the ground is covered in snow. From their expressions, it almost looks as if they're having a bit of a tiff... While this is happening, the Doctor is standing around the corner. The TARDIS is further down the street but not near him at this time. He leans against the wall and seems momentarily convulsed with pain, staggering just as Rose walks past. Rose: Are you alright, mate? Doctor: What year is it? Rose: 2005 Doctor: You know what? I bet your going to have a really great year. And then I'm assuming that after this interchange Rose walks on, obviously having no idea who this man is since she hasn't even met the 9th Doctor yet... and our Doctor... well, he has exciting encounters :)

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